What Is Biohazard Cleanup?


One of our more specialized restoration services is biohazard cleanup. The situations requiring these jobs are more common than you think – they can happen anywhere, at any time. But do you know what it is?

Knowing what a biohazard is could safeguard you from the many dangers they could pose to you and other people in the building.

What Are Biohazards?


Biohazard cleanup“Biohazards” refer to biological material that endangers living organisms. It’s a broad definition that can include a wide range of possible materials; in most residential and commercial cases, it refers to human blood and bodily fluids, animal waste, and chemicals. 

The circumstances that could necessitate biohazard cleanup include sewage backups, sites of illness or unattended death, crime scenes, and hoarding situations. They all require a specialized remediation process handled by professionals who have the training, skills, and equipment to approach the job safely.

Biohazards are extremely dangerous; improper cleaning can have consequences that go far beyond damaging one’s health. It’s also challenging work, requiring the handling of materials that pose serious health risks. Professional handling is crucial to the safety of everyone involved.


Why Hire a Professional Restoration Company To Handle Biohazards?


Cleaning a home or business after a biohazard event is the responsibility of the owner. They may be unaware of the serious health risks involved, though, and as such, they should never clean a biohazard event without the proper safety gear and training. Performing the task is more than just unpleasant – it’s a health risk, one that could be lethal. Non-professionals should never try to clean the biohazard themselves. 

Many building owners underestimate the emotional price of cleaning up biohazards. Being psychologically unprepared to experience the process can lead to mistakes, spreading the risk beyond the site and causing an inexperienced cleaner – or a person directly related to the incident – emotional trauma. Using the wrong techniques and materials can mean that even something like a sewage backup can 

The failure to properly remediate biohazards, however, can create unhealthy and dangerous conditions. They must never be left to sit. Home and business owners should strongly consider hiring a restoration company with expertise in this area.


Why Choose Robson Restoration For Biohazard Cleanup?


BiohazardBiohazard cleanup is so much more than the act of cleaning the materials. Because it could be the result of a crime or a traumatic event, the company doing the cleanup must also focus on the privacy and well-being of our customers. Our team members have the training needed to work on these cleanup operations. 

When attending traumatic sites, many clients select Robson Restoration for our ability to interact with a victim’s family with compassion. We make sure to answer any questions they may have while performing all our work to meet the highest possible standards.


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