Wet Basement Clean-Up And Restoration

Robson Restoration is a team of highly trained experts in restoring problems caused by excess water, including wet basements and crawlspaces. When there’s a lot of water in your basement – or even just an excess of moisture – it’s time to call our team.

Wet Basement Cleaning & Restoration Services For London & Southwestern Ontario

One of the most common homeowners problems is a wet basement – below ground, it’s in touch with not just drains and pipes, but the local water table. Whether the source is internal or external, you must act quickly to solve your wet basement issues! 

Wet basements can cause many structural and safety concerns, including bacteria, mould growth, and the spread of hazardous materials and other contaminants that you have stored in this part of the home. Whatever the cause, your first call should be to Robson Restoration.

  • Access to water damage restoration experts certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification
  • Local experts who understand common problems with the causes of water in basements for London
  • 24-hour emergency services

All members of the Robson Restoration team are water damage specialists with the training and experience necessary to complete the job. We can remove the water, dry out the materials, and prevent further damage to your basement. 

Your Wet Basement Can't Wait - Call Us Today!

Don’t let water sit or air dry – you need to clean it and any of the negative side effects ASAP. The Robson Restoration team will pump out any standing water, then set up specialized drying equipment to effectively dry out the room and prevent these problems from occurring. Using advanced moisture assessment tools, we can detect the potential for moisture in places you can’t see.

We are IICRC-certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians ready to serve London, Ontario, and the surrounding communities. We take great pride in their advanced knowledge in water damage mitigation, including wet basements. Contact Robson Restoration today!

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