Site containment Services

If your property has been affected by a storm, fire or tree impact, the roof and building structure can suffer damage that leaves the building’s contents and interior spaces open to further damage.

At Robson Restoration we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergencies for site containment and restoration. If your property needs immediate attention to prevent additional damage, contact us as soon as possible!

your shrink wrap experts

Robson Restoration has mastered the use of a shrink wrap technique to contain and protect structures of any size. 

Shrink Wrap is a polyethylene film that forms a near puncture-resistant bubble around the damage property. A supporting structure made of wood, metal framing or high-strength fabric strappings may be necessary. After the structure is wrapped heat is applied using heat guns to shrink and tighten the membrane.

Shrink Wrap is a viable cost-effective solution until the permanent repairs can be made. This wrap is durable, strong, environmentally friendly and completely recyclable.


We ensure secure protection against intrusion with our quick and efficient fence-off and board-up services. Following a disaster or accident our team of experts helps you quickly secure the contents of your property.

We can add a layer of protection and safety to your property while it undergoes reconstruction.  If windows are broken by a storm or fire, vehicle impact or acts of vandalism, a property owner needs fast and temporary protection until the windows can be replaced. Or maybe the project is in close proximity to public traffic or pedestrian walkways, we can secure a fence around the perimeter of the project to ensure everyone’s safety.

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