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Mould remediation is focused on the removal of mould and its spores from your property. Mould can take between 48 and 72 to grow following any excess moisture exposure which includes flooding and leaks. If you wish to prevent mould, notice a musty odour or unexpected health concerns following water damage contact us for a complete mould assessment of your property.  

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Mould and mildew typically have a musty odour and present as green, grey, brown or black spots and clusters. It is a type of fungus, growing in multicellular filaments called hyphae that produces spores which can become airborne. Exposure to mould generally occurs when mould becomes disturbed and releases its spores which are then inhaled. These inhaled spores can result in a host of adverse health effects. Mould remediation is very important for your family safety. Robson Restorations provides affordable, quick, and professional mould remediation in London, Ontario and nearby areas. Contact us today to get started on your mould remediation service.


Musty Or Damp Smell​

This is one the biggest signs of mould. Contact us right away if you notice a damp smell.

Chipped or discoloured paint/wallpaper

Chips in paint and wallpaper or any discoloration of walls could be a sign of excess moisture. This moisture could lead to the formation of mould if not quickly removed.

History Of Excess Moisture In The Home

Any standing water, leaks or water damage that isn’t properly identified or cleaned up can result in the formation of mould and mildew

Increase Of Sinus Or Asthma Symptoms​

Mould exposure is known to cause adverse health effects such as asthma, sinus irritation and flu-like symptoms. If you are concerned that mould may be affecting your health, contact us today for a mould inspection.

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We can help you with your mould problem! Call Robson Restoration to arrange for an in-person consult, which includes an initial inspection, a detailed findings and recommendations report, and a formal quote.  Robson Restoration can remove mould from your property, advise you on ways to reduce excess moisture and improve ventilation, to help ensure that your property remains a healthy and safe place to live or work. We can service anyone in London, Ontario, or surrounding areas.

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Mould Removal FAQs

Mould air tests are great to find out if your air quality is safe or harming your health. Visible inspection or tape lift sample will work for the attic after the mould removal is completed. After we perform the mould remediation and removal, you don't need to do a mould air quality test in the attic because it is not a living space. If your attic is a livable space in your home, an air quality test is recommended though.

These are common tips that any property or home owner can take:

  1. Keep humidity levels low
  2. Use an air conditioner or a dehumidifier during humid times of the year
  3. Proper ventilation and exhaust fans
  4. Clean bathrooms with mould fighting cleaning products
  5. Don't place carpet in wet areas like bathrooms or basements
  6. Get any water damage fixed as soon as possible

Yes, mould is dangerous for you and your property. Mould allergies are extremely common. You may notice itchy throat/skin, sneezing, coughing, congestion, headaches, and other symptoms. Mould can be very toxic and it should always be removed from your property.

The time it takes to remove mould varies based on the condition and the size of the afflicted area. Containments, as well as negative air and air scrubbers, are retained in place for a further 24-48 hours after mould cleanup is completed. This ensures that any existing mould spores are eliminated, as well as a full air exchange. Robson Restoration can provide more information about your mould remediation process during the inspection. Contact us today to get started on your restoration!

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