Fence-off and

Let Robson Restoration be the first point of contact to secure your building and its contents following damage. We ensure secure protection against intrusion with our quick and efficient fence-off and board-up services.

Following a disaster or accident, our team of experts will quickly help you to safely secure the contents of your building and prevent additional damage. 

The procedure

If windows are broken by storms, accidents, or acts of vandalism, property owners need fast, temporary protection until the windows can be replaced. We can help!

Rooftops are also prone to damage when severe weather or fires happen, which is why we offer roof-tarping services that waterproof your property until it can be permanently fixed. Roof tarping helps prevent water intrusion which can further damage your property. Problems on the roof can be hard to spot without a thorough evaluation. If you suspect roof damage, contact us for an inspection.

Additionally, our board-up and fence-off procedures can prevent the drafting of cold/hot air, protect window frames and exteriors from damage, and offer increased security. 

Board up and fence off services

window board-up

We will protect your property by boarding up areas where damage has occurred to ensure your property is safe and secure.

garage door protection

Protect your garage from further damage, intrusion, and exposure to the elements with emergency board-up services.

rooftop Remediation Services

We will tarp your roof to secure your property from water leaking, loose debris, and the weather.

Storm damage

We have the technology and expertise to restore your property back to its pre-storm-damaged condition.

Board-Up and Fence-Off Services

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