If you are concerned that there may be asbestos in your property, call Robson Restoration immediately- do not attempt to locate or remove it on your own. Due to potential health hazards, it is essential to consult a certified technician, skilled in the safe management of asbestos, like the team at Robson Restoration. The first step to asbestos control is a complete inspection. Contact our friendly team and get started today, we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Our team of fully trained and certified asbestos inspectors use a variety of techniques to ensure the complete and thorough inspection of your property. Using visual surveys, material collection, and air sampling, we work to identify any potential occurrences of this hazardous material. 

Working In collaboration with certified asbestos hygienists, we safely collect samples for analysis to identify which materials and regions of your property are affected and the severity of the contamination.   

Based on the results of these tests and assessments, our team will provide a complete asbestos control plan for the safe and secure management of this dangerous material. Depending on your property, we may recommend removal or abatement.  

Regardless of the best control method for your property, our highly skilled team of asbestos abatement and removal experts is highly skilled as ready to implement your asbestos control plan. 



Visual Asbestos Inspections

A complete visual survey to identity materials known to contain asbestos and to identify potentially affected materials requiring further investigation through lab testing.

Air Sampling & Testing​

Air sampling can be completed to test for high levels of asbestos in a property. Sampling is also performed post remediation to ensure levels are within recognized standards.

Bulk Sampling​

At the property owner's request or by inspector recommendation, we can bulk sample multiple materials and areas in your property and submit them to an accredited lab for analysis.

Third Party Lab Report & Recommendations

We safely collect material samples and submit for analysis to determine the level of asbestos in a property and the type of asbestos present. Based on the results, recommendations are provided for optimal control.


Many people are surprised to learn just how common asbestos can be, particularly in properties build before the 1990s. Before this time, asbestos was used in a wide variety of building materials including, ceiling & floor tiles, heating ducts, boiler pipe insulation, plaster, drywall, drywall compound and insulation. If you are concerned that your property may contain asbestos, contact Robson Restoration for a complete assessment today. 


The first step to the effective control of asbestos is a complete inspection. Whether your property has a known asbestos issue or if you’re simply concerned about the presence of asbestos, contact us today. Through careful assessment and analysis of building materials and air quality, the Robson Restoration team will provide a comprehensive report with recommendations to help ensure that your property is free from all asbestos-related health hazards.


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Asbestos Inspection

If you believe there is asbestos in your home, call Robson Restoration immediately. Do not attempt to find or remove it on your own. At Robson Restoration we  have experienced and skilled technicians to conduct your asbestos inspection.  

What is asbestos inspection?

Robson Restoration are trained and qualified inspectors. We use a variety of techniques to complete your inspection and analysis. We work closely with a hygienist to identify whether or not your building has asbestos and how we can remove or abate it.

Where is asbestos found?

Asbestos can be found in older homes. Asbestos can be found in ceiling & floor tiles, heating duct & boiler pipe insulation, plaster & drywall and attic insulation. If you believe you may have asbestos contact Robson Restoration to inspect and test immediately.

Asbestos inspection services

Visual Asbestos Inspections

to identify materials that may possibly contain asbestos and that would need further investigation through lab testing.

Bulk Sampling

at the home owners request or inspectors recommendation. Samples are delivered to an accredited lab for analysis.

Air Sampling & Testing

to determine if high levels may be present within a home. Sampling is also performed post remediation to ensure levels are within safe recognized standards.

Independent Third Party Lab Report & Recommendations

determines which type and presence of asbestos is in the home. Recommendations are made for any possible required remedial work.

Your experts in Asbestos inspection

Asbestos testing and inspections is always carried out prior to our asbestos removal services. We inspect potentially asbestos affected material, test the property’s air quality, and provide comprehensive asbestos reports. Contact us at your earliest convenience to complete your asbestos inspection.

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