Asbestos Abatement

Until the 1990s asbestos was commonly used in a wide variety of materials used in commercial, residential, and industrial construction. This means that asbestos may be more common than you think and why it is important to consult a certified professional before attempting any kind of renovation to get it under control. Once you contact Robson Restoration our friendly team will reach out to arrange a thorough inspection conducted by our certified technicians. They will survey your property, collect samples for analysis and provide knowledgeable recommendations to safely remove and control any affected materials.

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Asbestos is a Designated Substance and subject to strict regulations by the Canadian Government.  Due to the potential for severe health effects, managing asbestos requires great caution. Each of our certified technicians is highly skilled to safely manage this material in your property, ensuring adherence to government regulations regardless of your region. Our technicians arrive prepared with full personal protective equipment and approved containment.  The area of the material that is known or suspected to contain asbestos needs proper containment to ensure none of the asbestos fibres escape to occupied areas.  We will be sure to remove all contaminated materials and garbage for appropriate disposal and following provincial regulations. Each property and environment is unique, so you can rest assured that by calling Robson Restoration, one of our experienced Project Managers will attend and provide you with the best advice for your specific situation.
Asbestos Containment
Asbestos Containment
Asbestos Containment
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